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Installing RGBDS on macOS

Using the Homebrew package manager

On recent macOS major releases1, RGBDS is available on Homebrew as the rgbds package.

brew install rgbds

Then you will be able to update RGBDS at any time by simply running brew update then brew upgrade!

You can also install the master branch by passing the --HEAD flag:

brew install rgbds --HEAD

Using our pre-built binaries

  1. Go the latest release (or pick a specific version)
  2. Under "Assets" at the bottom, download rgbds-<version> (for example, version 0.7.0 would have
  3. Extract the .zip file into a new directory, and run as root inside that directory. For example, you can do that with these Console commands:
    % unzip -d rgbds
    % cd rgbds
    % sudo ./
  4. Check that RGBDS was correctly installed by running rgbasm -V. It should print out the version number you installed!

If none of these options are suitable to you, build RGBDS from source.


  1. Older macOS systems have been reported to compile for several days with Homebrew.