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Version: master

Release information

What is master?

master is the name of RGBDS' main development branch. It's used to refer to "bleeding-edge" RGBDS, containing the latest changes as they are pushed.

Pros and cons of master over releases


  • Get the latest changes quickly
  • Also get bugfixes quickly
  • Help development by submitting feedback early


  • Tested, but less stable, so expect things to break occasionally
  • Must be compiled manually, unless you use our CI
  • Updated often

In general, we only recommend using master to experienced users that can afford breakage from time to time. If you do decide to use master, we thank you and encourage you to report any bugs you find!

Table of contents

These pages are HTML renders of the various man pages provided with RGBDS. PDFs are also offered for offline reading, and maybe printing.

  • Language reference: documentation of the various languages used throughout RGBDS.
    • Assembly syntax: how to write RGBASM-flavored Game Boy assembly, and what the various directives do. (PDF)
    • CPU instructions: a list of CPU instructions, as well as quick descriptions of their various effects. (PDF)
    • Linkerscript format: how to write a linker script for RGBLINK. PDF)
    • Object file format: a description of the format of files emitted by RGBASM and expected by RGBLINK; useful for integrating custom tooling with RGBDS. (PDF)
  • Command-line options: how to write the command lines to invoke RGBDS programs.
  • The history of RGBDS is also available for the curious. (PDF)