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Version: v0.5.0-rcCar

Release information

The release page contains the full changelog, as well as pre-built downloads.

Table of contents

These pages are HTML renders of the various man pages provided with RGBDS. PDFs are also offered for offline reading, and maybe printing.

  • Language reference: documentation of the various languages used throughout RGBDS.
    • Assembly syntax: how to write RGBASM-flavored Game Boy assembly, and what the various directives do. (PDF)
    • CPU instructions: a list of CPU instructions, as well as quick descriptions of their various effects. (PDF)
    • Linkerscript format: how to write a linker script for RGBLINK. (PDF)
    • Object file format: a description of the format of files emitted by RGBASM and expected by RGBLINK; useful for integrating custom tooling with RGBDS. (PDF)
  • Command-line options: how to write the command lines to invoke RGBDS programs.
  • The history of RGBDS is also available for the curious. (PDF)