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Installing RGBDS

Most people will want to use a stable release (the more recent the better).

Below is a list of Operative Systems for which pre-built executables are available. If none of these options fits your needs, you can build from source.


Generic Linux x86_64 ready binaries are available in our Releases page.


RGBDS is available in the official Arch Linux repositories as extra/rgbds; you can also get the latest master via the rgbds-git AUR package.

pacman -S rgbds


RGBDS is available on Homebrew as the rgbds package.

brew install rgbds

You can also install the master branch by passing the --HEAD flag:

brew install rgbds --HEAD


The install instructions change a bit depending on the environment you wish to use RGBDS with.

For these, please refer to the Linux instructions for the installed Linux distribution (the default Linux distribution on WSL is Ubuntu, whose package manager is apt).



We distribute an official container image for RGBDS. It contains the built executables and the build dependencies in case you want to compile from source.

docker pull

Installing a development version

If you are willing to help us test new features, consider using a development version.

Managing multiple versions

If you need to frequently switch between different versions of RGBDS, consider using rgbenv, the RGBDS version manager.