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Version: v0.6.0-welease-cnyandidayte

rgbds(7) — Rednex Game Boy Development System

To get a working ROM image from a single assembly source file:

$ rgbasm -o bar.o foo.asm
$ rgblink -o bar.o
$ rgbfix -v -p 0
Or in a single command line:
$ rgbasm -o - foo.asm | rgblink -o - - | rgbfix -v -p 0 - >

rgbasm(1), rgbfix(1), rgblink(1), rgbds(5), gbz80(7)

  • 1997, Carsten Sørensen (AKA SurfSmurf) writes ASMotor as a general-purpose assembler/linker system for DOS/Win32.
  • 1999, Justin Lloyd (AKA Otaku no Zoku) adapts ASMotor to read and produce GBZ80 assembly/machine code, and releases this version as RGBDS.
  • 2009, Vegard Nossum adapts the code to be more UNIX-like and releases this version as rgbds-linux on GitHub.
  • 2010, Anthony J. Bentley forks that repository. The fork becomes the reference implementation of rgbds.
  • 2017, Bentley's repository is moved to a neutral name. It is now maintained by a number of contributors at
  • 2018, codebase relicensed under the MIT license.
  • 2020, repository is moved to the gbdev organisation, at The website serving documentation and downloads is created.