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Using RGBDS master

master is the name of RGBDS' main development branch. Using a "master" version of RGBDS means using an in-development version: this means you get access to the newest features faster (and you help test them!), but it also means that they have undergone a little less testing.

We are very grateful to all who takes the time to use master versions; all of you help make the releases better for everyone.

Using a package manager

Your package manager may have a master version of RGBDS available, such as Arch Linux rgbds-git AUR package. If that is the case, it is recommended to use that, as it should be simpler and integrate better with the rest of your system.

Building it yourself

Build the source as usual, but replace step 1 (getting the sources) with getting the master repo instead. The recommended way is to clone the repo (see GitHub's help on it if you have trouble), but you can also download the repo as ZIP.

Then, follow the rest of the instructions to build from source.

Using our CI


We only recommend doing this on Windows, as the Windows zips are stand-alone, but the others aren't. You can still use non-Windows zips if you know what you're doing, but we don't recommend it.

RGBDS has continuous integration: as part of our testing process, each time a modification is made to the code, a server builds RGBDS for several platforms, and runs a battery of tests to ensure nothing was broken. The executables built during the process are available on GitHub (and here if you don't have a GitHub account).